Real Estate Trends in Pune

The real estate sector has witnessed a massive growth in India for the last few years. This trend is likely to increase in the coming days as well. Most people prefer to invest in real estate considering it to be a safer option than other investment areas. According to real estate experts, the prices are likely to enjoy swanking heights and this would remain so even in the upcoming months.

The demand for residential properties is probably the highest amongst buyers as people are constantly changing settlement locations owing to different reasons – shifting jobs being the most common reason. Following this demand curve, promoters are coming up with attractive residential projects offering various amenities to attract prospective buyers in all possible locations with decent facilities. New developers are entering the market to establish modern and luxurious residential properties. Real estate markets in Pune, are getting saturated and space is close to being unavailable for any new projects. As a result, suburbs are getting noticed for all kinds of real estate investment, be it commercial or residential.

xcbsfdImage Source:Indiatimes

Reason to its nearness to Mumbai and also reason to the lower cost of operations, most of Maharashtra’s IT and ITeS growth is happening in Pune. Its position as an education center has also facilitated the city. It is one of the few real estate markets that is quite strong in India. “Pune is the only city that has revealed double-digit price appreciation in the last two years,” says Research & Real Estate Intelligence Services, JLL India. However the investors can stay away for the time being as the predictable return is below the price of funds, end users should not stay their home purchases.


The customer trend that has been perceived as the city has been that there is a keen interest in the pre-launch projects in Pune are being chosen significantly

Although the city continues to see growth in capital value increase, the rate of rising has declined marginally over the last two years. This trend was seen across most locations in Pune. Only a few areas of Hinjewadi, which saw new launches, witnessed growth in appreciation


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