Why is it worth investing in resale villas, houses deals at Wakad, Pune?

Properties in the resale marketplace can be set into two groups. First, ready houses possessed independently. Second, divisions in projects which are in the building phase. In such projects, the vendor does not own the property yet but has a contract with the builder permitting him to ownership in the future. One purpose for buying a house in the resale market can be non-disposal of new projects in the region where you want to settle.


It is advisable to choose investment in independent villas/houses as the best way to get high returns together with security of investment. Now, you have the best value brought to you by real estate at Waked. Villas for resale in Wakad, ensure that your money grows. In the long term, you can be sure of having an asset which would secure you a shelter with good returns. Even if you do not build a house, the value of the Houses at Wakad are expected to appreciate enough to get you a flat of your choice in a good locality.


It has Pimple Nilakh in the east, Aundh to its West, Thergaon to its north, The Mula River and Balewadi to its south. Once a rural community, only known to the exterior villages for its religious carnival, Jatra, is now one of the greatest hot real estate hubs across the state. All the notable growths in this locality started after PCMC started this farming township to give it a whole change over.

Wakad is getting developed rapidly and the value of resale is going up at a decent pace every year. The locality is well connected to the metropolis apart from the railway network. Water is available in plenty, the air is clean and the drainage system is very efficient. Thus, if after your retirement, you wish to settle down, this place is a good choice.


Wakad has some of the best residential complexes and many are waiting to be completed very soon. The price range is variable depending on the builder price and amenities provided. The rough estimate varies from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4500 per square feet approximately. Even till date there are many villas available at Waked for resale, especially less than five years property age. The value is reasonable and sure to reap higher in the coming years. Thus, even if you plan to sell the property to developers after 10 years, the amount might get multiplied by 10 or with greater digits.


Since the area is being developed and the prices are very low and affordable presently, the prospects of price rise are good in the next few years. Hence, it is the time you take a decision and take the initiative of investing intelligently in Wakad property deals.

So if you decide to invest in resale villas in Pune, Wakad locality, it is needed to consider all the above measures before booking your property. Also, confirm the property related documents, builder’s profile and preceding project track records before finalizing you’re buying.


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